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Legal Protection Insurance

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Life Insurance

There are many types of coverage – we educate

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First of all, those risks that endanger the personal and financial existence should be hedged. Products such as accident and occupational disability insurance help.

In addition, financially dependent family members must also take into account their security, for example through a life insurance policy.

The next priority should be to secure personal property, which can be achieved by taking out household, home or car comprehensive insurance.

In any case, you should have private liability insurance, which is usually included in household cover in Austria.

In addition, legal protection insurance helps to enforce one’s rights in disputes after traffic accidents, breaches of contract and the like.

Private health insurances and the various options for old-age provision round off a comprehensive insurance portfolio.

Personal advice is particularly important!

Which insurances are important to me? Where can I get the best deal? These two questions concern most customers when they look at insurance.

Analyzing your risks and choosing the best insurance company takes time and expertise.

Can you do that yourself? Of course, but for almost all consumers and companies it will be easier, more convenient and cheaper to take advantage of personal advice.

Independent advice guarantees a professional analysis and provides you with the best price / performance ratio.

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